James McGlashan (DarkFox)

Programmer, hacker, cypherpunk.


Rebooting my blog, now using Jekyll on Github pages! New theme and selected posts may be ported over to this new blog.


fn main() {
  println!("Hello world!");

Hello world!

It has been a while... But look! I'm back! And I intend to keep this blog up to date with my latest and greatest projects!

What's new?

Now using Jekyll on Github pages instead of manually compiling via Hakyll. This allows me to update my blog with nothing but git, and if I need to check why an update failed to occur, I can now check https://travis-ci.org/. More on travis in a future blog post.

What's different?

  • New theme (freshly created in minutes!);
  • Easier to update (just a single git push away);
  • More programming experience, more specifically with Rust;
  • Personal projects have matured in design, I will be publishing these when the are ready;
  • Purged old blog entries (may port some things over);
  • And much more.

My configuration

  • Custom theme from scratch.
    • HTML5 template.
    • Everything scales as expected.
  • Pagination with 16 posts per page.
    • Accesskey HTML attribute set on prev/next links (vi style j/k).
  • Navigation within each post.
    • Accesskey HTML attribute set on prev/next links (vi style j/k).
  • Sass for handling css.
  • Travis for debugging without a local Jekyll install.
  • SVG icons for Github and Twitter and syntax highlighting.

Stay tuned.

Happy hacking!